Bladder Infection!!

Pointless post just need a moan lol!

I have a flipping bladder infection, hence why i wasn't on yesterday! Blerghhh!

Also had a bit of pink when i wiped yesterday but i dont know whether thats from the infection or from my af about to start!

A little voice in the back of my head says its implantation :lol: Why do i do this to myself! Urghh!

Hope you ladies are all having a good day!



  • I feel for you hun... it's not exactly graceful this ttc lark is it?!

    Do you go to the toilet after bd'ing? I know it's tempting to go to sleep straight after and let the swimmers do their magic - but on the one occassion that i did, i ended up with cystitus!! So now i try to lay with my hips up for 10-20 minutes, and then go to the loo.

    As for the pink, fingers crossed it is implantation hun!! xx
  • Wilma I agree - thats what happened to me last month......awful i was on antibiotics and just felt rubbish. I do the same as you wilma. xx
  • Wilma I agree - thats what happened to me last month......awful i was on antibiotics and just felt rubbish. I do the same as you wilma. xx
  • I used to get these all the time hon, they are a nightmare.

    I started taking Cranberry concentrate capsules. Cranberry contains antioxidents that apparently coat your bladder and make it harder for the bacteria to stick and cause infections. They are great, they really do work! You can get them from health shops and quite a few places online too. The capsules are better than drinking Cranberry juice, more concentrated.

    And ref the pink - fingers crossed that this is implantation! I will be stalking you for the next few days to find out - you realise image)


  • aww hun just want to send big hugs, hope you feel better soon and really hope that its
  • Thanks for the well wishes girlsimage Unfortunately the pink wasn't implantation it was aunt flo announcing her arrivel! Booo.
    I'm in so much pain with my AF and the bladder infection i dont have much time to be upset she is here. Oh well onwards and upwards for this month! May i be blessed with a New Year BFP!
    Wilma i think thats why i got it because i do go to sleep with them in lol! I think i shall try your approach! thanks hun! xxxxx
  • aww hun sorry she found you. really hope you feel better
  • ah hun, I feel for you, rubbish luck!

    I'm CD7 today.... roll on OV.

    Angel - how you doing? you stll on to test tomorrow?

    I'm a bit pished... typing all over the place, each word having to be re-spelled! oops.....

  • hi hun, i actually kust popped on to post for you. im ok still waiting for af but going by my last 2 charts she should be here tomorrow or monday, i can feel her coming so nt going to bother testing.

    glad you having a wee drink. i usually do at the weekend but havent felt much like it this weekend.

    what i was going to post you for is i am sure i saw you mention that you were using boots fertily ther & diary i saw it in boots and was wondering if the thermometer was ok, mine isnt a double digit and i dont find it very sensitive or precise. we are going to do smep this month so going to go and get new therm & ov
  • hey hun - I was using boots fertility monitor which was basically a thermometer with a memory so you could see your chart for up to 60 days. When I was in the middle of my last long cycle I started wondering if the thermometer was working properly lol! I'm sure it was, but it was also a bit of a pain cos it took 5mins to test which is a long time when you need to get up and go to work! I don't think they sell that one anymore as I got it in clearance in August.

    So I bought what you've seen - the thermometer on it's own (comes with a diary and folder but I just use ff instead), which is much better, I compared the two thermometers and they came up with exactly the same reading but the thermometer on its own only takes about 30secs, so loads better. And it's double digit. I'd go for it, especially if you dont have double digit at the moment.

    I'd like to try smep, but my cycles just aren't regular enough to know without spending a fortune on ov sticks!

    How you feeling today MrsTIL??

  • hi hun thanks, went and got it today. bought first response ov sticks (buy one get one free) as well so ready to

    mrstil are you feeling
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