Back Again

Hi Ladies,

Havn't been on in over a week as i couldn't face it after i MC last sunday, :cry: :cry: but i missed chatting to ye guys. so hope ye will have me back?

I still feel numb and finding it hard but hubbie and i had a chat last night and we decided to start TTC after my next AF (i'm doing what the doc says for once!!!) but the truth be told i really wanted to TTC tis month but he won't. He wants my body to get back to somewhat normal before we TTC. (his right i know but i want it (stomps my feet)

Anyway congrats to those who got there BFP and hope ye have a H &H nine months.



  • ((((((hugs)))))))) so sorry to hear about ur mc. of course we will have u back and i hope ur stay is short and sweet, cant imagine how u must be feeling, but u seem to be quite positive about ttc again after ur af, remember we are all here for u xxx
  • thanks princessA. am still going to try to convince hubbie to try tis month but i don't think so.

    how long have u been trying?

  • well i came off the pill in jan, but had to wait 3 months for my first af! OMG! so im now cd13 and i think i ov'd yesterday, but it could still be my body messing me around so who knows. I think if i were u i wouldnt 'try' but just not, not try, if u get me? ha! xx
  • Hi Missy,

    Just wanted to say I know how you feel- I lost my bean at the beginning of April at 5+1. It was horrible- I was devestated. We weren't going to try this month either but we ended up bd'ing a few times. I haven't tracked ov or anything so I don't really know if it was at the *right* times- we are just going to see what happens.

    Thinking of you hun

  • charlie_chalk: it is so hard isn't it. i'm trying to convince hubbie to try this month as i want a baby bro/ sis so bad for my little one. don't know if i will win do, so fingers crossed he comes around.

    hope ur month of not TTC actually gives u a BFP sticky bean.............sending u baby dust............

  • Hi Missy so sorry to hear of your mc esp when you want a sibling for your lo- that's the same as us. I want our dd to have someone to play with so badly. We had a late mc at christmas and I wanted to try asap but oh put his foot down. I was gutted all over again but looking back I'm glad. I think I wanted to be pg again so badly i couldn't see the bigger picture and let my body heal but now I want a baby for the right reasons and are starting again to ttc this month. I'm not saying you're feeling the 'wrong' way or anything just that's how it was for me and have to remember that your hubby has lost a baby too and might need time to grieve?
    I really hope it happens for you soon pet
    Rosa x
  • i thought the same about grieving but as it was happening (i was bleeding) he said don't worry we try again straight away that was until my family said we shouldn't and blah blah blah and then doc says to wait a few months but that is only for dating purpose's (which i didn't know at the time). maybe ur right i should just give my body the chance to recover.
    i have a TMI question for u if u don't mind answering. how long did u bleed for? as i only bled for 3 days.

  • We were told to have a full normal cycle after bleeding stopped. I bleed for about 2 weeks though I was 18 weeks along. Lost baby on 22 dec and had first af on 21 Jan and settled into 28 day cycles after that which I guess is lucky enough.
    I know it is hard but I just think it's one those things that it is sometimes best waiting on- let your body get back on track and try again next month is my advice because if by some outside chance it happened again you'd only end up blaming yourself for trying too soon
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