Very silly question....

Hey ladies,

I have been very laid back about ttc and took the if it happens it happens approach, however I am thinking I would have a better chance if I took it abit more "seriously" I know this is really stupid but someone could explain to me about the ovulation sticks and monitors etc and where I should start with it all.

Thanks in advance xx


  • Hun i did the exact same thing for the last year and now this cycle i used opks, monitored my temps and used preseed. I also went for reflexology at cd9, which i think dfinately helped to at least balance my body.
    So with the tracking temps you need a basal thermometer and start tracking yur temps from cd1. You will need to take your temp upon waking and before you get up so you get your "rested" temperature. When you see a significant increase in your temps then you have ovulated.
    Ok so when you use the opks you need to know roughly how long yur cycles are as you only need to test from a certain day. For example my cycles are 27 days on average and so i started to use my opks from day 10. I used the cbd opks as was easier and gives you a smiley face when you are about to or ar oving.
    Also use the preseed when bding around your most fertile time as helps transport the little spermies to where they are supposed to go.

    Well hope that helps hun and let me know if you need any further info xx
  • wow! it all sounds very scary! lol i have taken the relaxed appoach myself and have been pregnant 4 times now! u just need to let nature d its thing and it will happen!
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