On Saturday i went for my first course of acupuncture At Drchina. I believe they have a chain of places all across the country.

I personally thought they where nothing but very very pushy sales people. Trying to get you to buy their products knowing whilst we are trying to concieve we are vunerable and desparate.

They tried to get me to pay for 10 treatments up front and pay for 6 courses of tablets upfront.

I was told in total to take 124 tablets a day surely this can't be good for you.

I told them i would need to discuss paying 375 pound upfront with my husband first again they where really really pushy.

I have then gone on to phone another lady who does acupuncture today and she has told me not to take the herbal tablets as they are not regulated like western medicines.

I have now gone on to book treatment with someone else not a chain.

I have tried to get in touch with Drchina head office today to tell them how unhappy i was with the pressure they put on me and surprise surprise they do not have a contact phone number they can only be contacted by email.

I am sure that many of you have had positive experiences with Drchina this is just how i personally feel.
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