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I was wondering if you could help me with something? Does anyone know wether the symtpoms you get with ovulation happen because of the LH surge or the actual releasing of the egg? In other words- would it be possible to have the pains etc and not actually release an egg?

Last week I had ovulation pains. Mine are quite prominant and I am usually right in dedecting them- but this month I haven't used OPK's. I have been ovulating early in my cycle and then having a long LP, so this fitted with that pattern-therefore I thought I was about 4dpo today. Then this morning I got loads of EWCM which is something I never normally get and I've got pains again! So I am totally confused. Also-I doubt very much I am pg as both me and my oh have been ill and therefore not really done any bding apart from just after my last af.

I am a bit concerned that I get pains for no reason to be honest!



  • Hi,

    Didn't want to read and run, but I'm not sure of your answer as I've never had ov pains so never thought about it. Have you googled?
  • My doctor told me that the only way to ever detect actually ovulation is by blood test or scan,
    Even opks and temping can only detect your body trying or preparing to ovulate. He also said unless you have a medical condition or are exposed to extreme stress (like death of relative) or on a certain medication, if you have regular af, you ovulate.
    Don't know exactly how true this all is.
    I didn't think I ovulated as I don't get cm and get 6 or 7 positive opks in a row some months like last month but 21 days bloods said I did. So I guess you never know. Some people ov twice sometimes! Xxx
  • Sorry, I didn't actually answer your question! If you have ewcm I'd bd, you may have ov'ed twice or a little later then usual. Good luck with getting you bfp! X x
  • ovulation pain can happen pre release of egg, at release or after however it doesnt mean you have oved just that the body geared up to, so its not really a guide to having OVed,
    it may be your body tried and as you were ill didnt and is trying again x

    hope you feel better x
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