suspicious AF and 1st cbfm result. (warning tmi)

Hey Ladies, hope your all well.
having a few 'issues' at the moment and as hubby is freaked out by AF, i thought i'd consult you. So i'm on cd6 and as its my first month using cbfm i had to test and it came out high. My cycle is around 32/33 days, would this not be to early to get a high?
Ok so AF, was a bit stop start at first but she is here with avengence. Now maybe i'm reading to much into it or its because i'm paying soooo much attention to it but its sooo heavy, with alot of big clots. I do usually get clots but i didn't think they were usually so big. I flooded a regular tampon in under an hour and i no i can usually last 3 or 4 hours. Ruined my pjs and terrified hubby because he thought i was bleeding to death and i might have ruined the new sofas :lol: it looked alot worse then it was but he was trying to take me to hospital (his answer to everything) this was last night and the same thing just happened,
So i'm not sure if the too are related, i'm fairly positive i wasn't pg because of numerous tests.
My tummy hurts :evil:


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