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Morning Hun

How are you feeling today? I noticed that you had tested and got a BFN :\( still not over hun some ladies dont get there BFP until there afew weeks gone....when I got mine 3 years ago I was 7 weeks gone....until AF shows her ugly face (which I am sure she wont) its not over.

Baby Dust huni

Lou xxx :\)


  • morning! i was just thinking about u lol. im ok ta, feeling abit sorry for myself as i shouldnt of tested, hoping it was just too early? but have a feeling i will be moving onto month 6 of ttc. thanks tho, uve made me feel a bit better image i really hope she doesnt come!? time will tell i spose, hate being impatient! lol.

    how r u this morning? i did not wanna get out of bed today! and this office is soo hot! i could just curl up and go to sleep lol x
  • It will be o.k hun I am sure it will just be abit too early your only DPO11 there is definately still time and AF hasnt shown her face so I am thinking it is all still looking positive {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}

    I am exactly the same I am so tired this morning soooooo didnt want to get out of bed.....too damn hot lol xx
  • yeah good pint, thanks image so my real names amiee btw, im guessing ur lou? lol. im 21, just got married image and ttc no*1 im in suffolk , how about you? x
  • yeah lou, im 28, not married but very happy with OH, ttc no1 also, im in Shropshire xx
  • awwwww as long as ur happy tho, thats all that matters image just told my mum everything hehe, she didnt no we were trying, but i just blurted it all out hehe, sometimes u just need a cuddle from ur mum. lol. now she knows tho i bet she wil be asking all the time!
  • It certainly is hun image

    awwwww did you, I havent told my parents as I know they will be asking all the time if I have caught and its stressful enough lol....I have told a couple of close friends that we are TTC....just cant wait to tell people about my BFP xxxxx
  • ooo me too! we were planning on waiting til 12 weeks to tell! but doubt that will happen! haha i will be waaaaaaaaaay too excited! image
  • Oh god no I wouldnt be able to hold it in....I will be shouting from the rooftops lol xxx
  • haha! me too, and also if anything happened (god forbid) u would have people to supprt u, whereas if nobody knew u would have to deal with it alone, and thats sad image im currently trying to convince hubs telling people is the right thing to do! hehe x
  • OH has told his dad and some of his family and there all thrilled, hasnt told his mum though lol.
    Yeah hun it is nice to tell people that way they can support you through it all....thats why I love this site also xxx
  • yeah me too, its nice to speak to other people just as insanse as me about babs and ttc, ad i learnt lots from this site too! x
  • Its all I think about at the moment hun....mind you been broody for about 5 years and each year I get older it gets stronger lol.
    Yeah I love this site, definately good to speak to people who are going through the same things and sharing experiences xxxx
  • yeah, i have been like it for 2, and thats bad enough! cant imagine how strong the need is for u after 5 yrs! i would be going nuts! lol x
  • I am matey lol the amount of people I know that have got there BFP and had their babies....well now its my turn lol xx
  • good for you, hopefully we will both be in the due in march x
  • OMG OMG I just went to the bathroom and wiped and there is was CM staring right back up at me and it was EWCM.....and we bd last it right though as I am only CD11????? xxxx
  • wooooooop! yeah sounds about right, the website i looked at the other day said approx 3 days after ur 1st ewcm u ov, so that would make u a normal cd13-14 ov, thats fab news! bd 2nite and 2moro too just in case image and the next day if u can manage lol xxxx
  • OMG I literally think I am going to pee my pants lol so excited...oh yeah I am going to text OH now and tell him that he needs to get his baby maker readyimage

    I wasnt expecting it so soon tho hun what with my cycles being so blurgh...god I hope this is it xxxx
  • hahahahaha i did that the first time i had ewcm after coming off the pill! i was so excited everyone thought i was announcing a bfp lol. hehe ooooooo i hope so! so testing in approx 2 weeks and 2 days! eeeeek! let the symptoms start! lol.

    and breathe.........
  • hahaha, umm well if u ov in the next 2 days, then u shud test probs 2 weeks after, maybe a bit later if u can wait, but judging by how excited u r im guessing minimum wait time like me! lol. so approx 10th july =testing eeeek!

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    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    Have the wish I wish tonight.

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