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Newbie !!! Hi everyone !!

Hi everyone, thought i would introduce myself. I'm a mum of 2 girls age 15 and 11 and am now desperately trying for baby number 3 with my new partner!!
I didnt expect that trying for a baby could be so stressful!! Here i sit on day 25 of my cycle, my 3rd month of trying, hoping and praying that this month i will get a positive result. I analyse every feeling and emotion trying to remember if i felt this way last time i was pregnant !! I'm longing to do a test just so i know either way, but dreading the dissapointment if it is again negative!
Reading all your comments are so helpful and encouraging. I can see i'm going to be addicted to this site very soon LOL

Anyway good luck and fingers crossed for you all

Michelle xx


  • Hi honey and welcome , this is a great place , everybody is helpful and lovelyimage

    I wish you all the best in TTC and hope you get your BFP soon image

  • Thanks so much xx
    You may think this is a silly question but could you help me with translating all the code on here lol ??
    I figured CD = cycle day
    and that BFP = a positive result ?
    But i'm a bit clueless with the rest lol
    Many thanks
  • Hiya, Welcome, I know what you mean about analysing every twinge and cramp LOL You're not alone!!!!! I hope you get your BFP soon. xxxx
  • Yeah no worries
    BD- baby dance
    LO - little one
    DH - darling husband
    OH - other half
    POAS - pee on a tick
    FMU - first morning urine
    BFN - is big fat Neg

    I can't remember the rest if you need to know one just let me know.

    Also can i ask was you on the pill and if so which one? If you was on micro 30 can i ask if you have had any side effects and did your AF return quickly?

  • Thanks for that x
    I was on micro 30 for about 3 years this time. I got side effects like hot flushes and tiredness!! Did you experience anything like that ?
    My AF returned quickly, my cycle just continued as if i was still on the pill. Lasting between 28 - 30 days
    Is this your 1st month off the pill ?

  • Yes I took my last one on the 28th of last month and had my last pill bleed on the 3rd of May, today is CD 28 for me and I think 14DPO. Though I have not really had much to talk about I have been very very hot all the time, and my nipples look a little darker and I have blue veins on my boobs though i did test in the evening at 11DPO and it was BFN so I am not sure when to test again as I have no idea when my AF will actually turn up?

    I still have CM cervix mucus and i am told that is meant to dry up also my cervix is still very high?? So I am very lost right now.

    K xx
  • hello and welcome!!!

    really hope you won't be here long in that you get your BFP soon image xxx
  • My first af after coming off the pill was a 30 day cycle so you may go a little longer than usual until it settles. I tested on day 30 that month and was so disapointed, then promptly my af arrived about 3 hrs later!! typical !!
    I should wait another day or two before testing again if you can, but i know how tempting it is to take a test lol I got a few more days to go but i can almost here my test calling me from the bathroom i'm so excited !!! lol
    Do you know how long it takes for the pill to leave your system ?? I've read so many contradicting stories ranging from 1 month to a year !!

  • I have heard it's anything from 6 months to a year sadly :0( I am never going on it ever again xx
  • Hi honey, welcome, you will indeed be addicted to this site soon just like all of us. Good luck in getting your bfp x
  • Lets hope were not waiting that long xx

    Best of luck to you xx
  • K-lou sorry for crashing the post!
    I was on Microgynon 30 for 10 years but came off it 3 months ago. Cycles have been spot on 28 days every month!
    I have gone really spotty since coming off it and periods lighter but a bit more painy but thats nothing compared to the hideous depression i had while i was on it!

    Sorry - forgot to say Welcome Angelprincess!

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  • Thanks hun i am the same i have not felt low for no reason like i did while I was on it, i had no idea it could make you feel like that I use to have awful mood swings as well.

    i am praying i am as lucky as you and will have AF soon.

    k XX
  • Hi,I'm a newbie too! I have a 2 year old little boy and we are trying for our 2nd baby.I'm ovulating at the moment so fingers crossed this will be the month! I'm very anxious about getting pregnant again as my little boy was born at 29 weeks due to me having pre eclampsia,but i'm keeping everything crossed i'll get my big bump and not be able to see my toes this time!!
  • Hi, I'm a newbie too! Good luck to you and hope all happens soon for both of us!!

    Em J xx
  • Welcome Michelle. Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon. There's a list of abbreviations, I'll bump it to the top for you. xx
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