Got good advise from DR and feel better : )

HI All

Went to Dr yesterday about the pains I have been having and to ask all the questions I should have asked before TTC lol ! This past 3 weeks of TTC has been a huge learning curve for me and hubby.

I thought we'd get pg on 1st try and that there would be no problem with comin off pill and I was totally obsessed with TTC and annoying the hell out of hubby ! lol !

But now - I am feeling a lot calmer, I am waiting for my AF to show as I dont think I've done it this month. Next month, I am going to take it easy, not obsess about it all, ENJOY trying, not putting my life on hold for TTC and just wait and see what happens. When its meant to be it will happen : )

PMA and Baby dust to every one xxxxxx


  • Hi Stace, I know exactly what you mean, I just assumed I would be able to choose a month to start TTC and be able to actually choose the month my baby was born! Makes me feel a bit of an idiot now lol!

    This is my second month of TTC and I'm not finding it any easier relaxing about it, on CD28, still not ovulated! Last month (first month off the pill) I didn't OV till day 31/32 and I kinda expected to go back to normal this month so I am FREAKING out that my cycles are going to go up to 100 days or something stupid!

    That said I am enjoying TTC, it's definitely bought me and hubby closer together and I'm also a great believer in fate and things happening when they should. But on the flip side I'm a control freak, and the fact that I can't control my own body is possibly one of the most frustrating things ever!!!!

    PHEWW that feels better lol!
  • LOL ! you sound so much like me ! lol ! I have to be incontrol, and the fact that I am not in control of this, is drivin me up the wall ! lol ! But hey - today I am feeling calmer and hope it stays that way : )

    I am not using any OV sticks or anything, so we are just BD every other day until AF shows, and then see what happens : )

    Also - DR told me that my pill (mycrogynon) can take months to ovulate when coming off it ! So i'm just waiting and seeing!
  • Hi,

    Glad you had a positive experience with your GP. I think it's easy to get over excited about ttc because it really is an incredibly exciting thing to do! I'm a firm believer in just letting it happen. Actually I never expected to get pregnant but it happened first month of trying. I really believe that my lack of expectation helped. I joined this site about a month before I came off the pill and I've always found it helpful and supportive but the downside is that it just adds to the excitement!

    I'm back here again ttc for a second time (well, the ttc starts next month after I finish my last pack of the pill). I still have no faith in my body and am anticipating that it won't work this time due to my ever increasing old age. So I'm hoping my renewed lack of expectation will help again!

    Some people have problems, some don't, but only time will tell... It sounds like you are relaxing about it which is a good thing. But there is still plenty room for bags of excitement too! Enjoy the process and don't let it turn into a mission or science project just yet. That's my plan anyway!

    Sonia x
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