Anyone seen my PMA?

If so can you please send it home sharpish? I need it!

I had been feeling fairly optimistic for this month. But sometime last night my pma has snuck off. Woke up today feeling tired, grumpy, ill and with this unshakeable feeling that we have failed. :cry:


  • I know exactly how you feel BB4, as you may have noticed from last week, my PMA has been non-existant, even told hubby last night that I was PMT (not strictly true, more tired and ratty than anything). He was quite disappointed and was saying "well, are you sure?", I just said yeah, all the signs are there, makes it easier that way for me for when AF arrives tomorrow, as, as far as he will be concerned, it was already a no-no for this month.

    Anyway missy, you have had fantastic signs this month, where has the doubt suddenly come from?? You shouldnt see it as a failure though, you should see it as another month of keeping up the good work with BDing - good excuse for yet more fun!!!

  • Oh Im looking forward to all the bd'g alright! :\)

    I dont know where this feeling has come from, It was just there this morning. I still feel nauseous, but I now feel more like I am coming down with something as my throat hurts and Im losing my voice, I feel like I do b4 I get a monster cold! (How great for me!) I also keep getting af type crampy feelings. Im trying to tell myself lots of ladies get this then go on to get a bfp, but the way I feel today its not convincing me! :lol:

    As you are not strictly feeling pmt and af is due tomorrow, then maybe this is a good sign?! How do you usually feel b4 af? Its not over yet, so dont give up!

    Are you testing tomorrow or waiting a day or 2? xxx

  • Hey BB4, I have loads of PMA if you need some...we're in this together, remember?

    Hope you feel better soon hun...

  • Well, I normally get an element of PMT - you know the kind, really unreasonable anger!!! But havent had that...yet!!! Have had these abdo pains all week still and last night they were very specific to my lower tummy, sometimes going into my groin!?! But TBH, it feels like AF is on its way really... Im only 9/10 DPO but I did a sneaky test yesterday (ssshhhhh), but it was a BFN :cry: Not that Im really all that surprised, but would have been nice to see a BFP - :lol:

    As this is my first AF since having the coil out (non-hormonal one) it shouldnt feel any different, but I certainly feel like I have AF cramps like I did all last night :\?

    Just need to see if I can resist the urge to POAS through to at least Thursday if AF is delayed for whatever reason - did get a glimmer of PMA last night prior to POAS as someone has said "you're not pregnant are you?" with response to my complaints of tummy pain!!! But that has well and truly dissipated now!

    Have you had any more spotting or nausea? Those are very good signs and I am most jealous, my fingers are firmly crossed for you. Are you not at work this morning then?

  • Thanks Nat, I will still be there next Tue, as long as af doesnt show up early and ruin things! Im glad you are feeling so good too, ;\) Any spare pma would be given a good home! image xx

    MrsS, I have not had any more spotting, but have been feeling nauseous at random times during the day. yesterday I felt really bad - starving hungry but not able to stomach anything. And if I did eat i felt really sick after it! But like I say, I feel dreadfu today so it could have just been that I have picked up a bug or something. :\?

    Your tummy pain could be a good sign you know, Ive heard it a lot in connection to pg. And 9/10dpo is VERY early to be testing! (go and sit on the naughty step!!!)

    Not in work today thankfully. dont think I could cope! :lol:

    Only 2 more sleeps until you can test then! How exciting! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you! xxxx
  • bb4, watch out!!! the PMA is on it's will take a while to reach you all the way from Oz...hope you get it
  • Thanx hun! I will keep it safe and pamper it when it gets here, it will be tired after its long journey! image

  • here hun you can have some of mine too!! xxxx
  • I think its got lost with due saturday and im walking round like a bear with a sore head...just know were not pg this month, have no positivity what so ever...and to top it off i know its pmt and shes coming, biatch!!! xxxxxxx
  • and here is some for you too woomummy! xxx
  • i've got loads of pma kicking about. Sending it to you woomummy and bb4. There's plenty more where that came from so give us a holler if you need a top up.
  • wow thanx mrs_e and dg!! Got a lovely big jar full of pma now! Will dip in whenever I need it! image xxx

    woomummy, sorrry to hear yours has done a runner too. I was feeling fairly pos until I woke up this morning, just had this feeling of gloom over me, like in cartoons when you see the raincloud following the poor coyote around!! I dont feel as tho I have any symptoms of either af or pg. Im not a happy bunny. :roll: xxx

  • Thank u too, mrs e and dg very much if i could just get rid of this stinking mood!!!!

    BB4 im just the same, i have nothing, dont feel like af is coming and dont feel pg at all!!! Arrggghhh it really is like i have a rain cloud over my head, im so misrable, i dont even want the wkend to come because i know im guna have a uninvited guest!!!! xxxx
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