Wanted to say hi!!

I have been a member of this site since last year when I fell pregnant with my lo (now 18 weeks) so never came onto the ttc forum until last few weeks.

I have been gatecrashing on a daily basis for the simple reason that I am thinking about ttc no.4! I already have Brandon 6, Lily 3, and Reuben 18 wks and although he was supposed to be my last I am feeling pretty desperate for another. Part of me is just unsure whether I would be doing the right thing.

We live quite a simple life so money is not really an issue, my oh wants another so thats not a problem either so I don't know why I am holding back. I think about the pros and cons practically 24/7- even thinking about names!!


  • hi. ive kinda joined. we not actually ttc till end of june but just wanted to get to know everyone. ive been desperate for another since lo was born (she now 18months so managed to hold on a while). but now that we are ready to go again there is something holding me back im so nervous this time. like you my oh is quite happy to go with the flow but im insisting on waiting till i finsih my pill packet. our emotions dont half play havoc with us.
  • Hi girls, i'm trying for no1 so don't really know what your going through but just wanted to welcome you to the ttc forum and hope that you are not on here for long as you'll get your BFP really soon. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the replies- Angelisa I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes during my last pregnancy I felt like I had made a wrong decision then other times I was really excited, thankfully now that lo is here I love him to bits. Maybe its just fear of the unknown so to speak- like how will a new lo fit in and how much of a shock to the system will it be.

    Thanks also for the welcome SLOW- I need to be 100% sure before I ttc coz last time I fell pregnant the week after I came off the pill, so if I do decide to try again I shouldn't imagine I will be hanging around too long lol.
  • my oh keeps saying my am i putting it off coz when the next one arrives i will love it as much as chloe but i worry sometimes that i am taking time away from her and worry sometimes how i will cope with another and on the other hand i want another so much. he tells me i think to much and i should relax more about it. how did you cope when your 2nd and 3rd came along. did everything just slot into place.xx
  • I totally know how you feel. My lo is 5 and I've been ttc then change my mind then ttc again then change my mind! It wears you out! lol. The reasons why I decided against it was I love being a family of 3 and I feel a bit worried of dividing my time between 2 kiddies. We've decided now though to go for it, I'm 32, nearly 33 and don't really want to leave it much longer in case it takes us ages to get the BFP!
    I think if you think about it too much you get too analytical, it's best to not think about it and just go for it. If we're lucky enough to make another baby it will complete our family. i'm sure my son would love us to have a baby as well, he wants a brother AND a sister though (and a rabbit and a dog haha!) It's still a bit scary though. xx
  • Angilesa I was the same going from one to two, I didn't believe I could love anyone else quite as much as my first but I absolutely did. I don't make any difference between my children at all.

    I was VERY worried when pregnant with my 4 yo that my son would be jealous but he absolutely adored her, he was so protective and kind to her. They still have a very close bond with each other which is lovely.

    Again when I fell pregnant with Reuben- now 18 weeks I was worried about jealousy from Lily (4), at first she ignored the baby, then she was a little jealous but now that she over that stage she adores her baby brother.

    Both of my older children are begging me for another sibling-Lily really wants a sister and I would LOVE to give her one!

    Don't worry- no.2 and 3 just slot in go for it!!
  • thank you. i did wonder where all the love comes from. i adore my little girl so much i could burst just looking at her sometimes but i suppose you just make it dont you. im so glad i came on the forum beofre trying to conceive everyone is really helping to put my mind at ease and convince me i should just go for it. which will please my oh i think he is fed up with my analysing everything.lol
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