Random nipple question :lol:

Right, I've had flu & when the aches & pains slowly vanished my aching nipples didn't. Don't think it's pg related as we only managed to bd once (the day I ov'd but still, having been so ill I doubt bean would have been able to implant!). Anyway, they are really really sensitive - cant lie on my front, my bra is really hurting etc etc.

Does anybody know if there is anything I can do?! I know cold teabags are good for aching eyes but wondered if there was a nipple equivolent :lol:

Soooo sore!! :\(


  • Ouch Garfield!!! Mine are the same and we only bd once around ov time too!! Feel terribly sick today though!!!

    Don't really have any suggestions as to what to do sorry Hun

  • Ooh, good symptoms, MJC! How many dpo are you?
    Fingers are crossed for you hon!

    I may have to just wait out the ouchy nips, either that or try the cold teabags :lol: Hey at this point I'm willing to try just about anything!! image
  • you could try nipple cream? I know its meant for in pg but it may help? xx
  • I think I am about 8 dpo!!! I had a def pos stick on weds last week but not sure when I would of actually ov'd!! Grrr!!

    It's too early to test though and it's driving me crazy!! Lol

    if I'm not pg then I would be shocked!!! Lol

    maybe the nip thing with you is a good sign!! When are you due af!!

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