Faint Positives on first response (Clomid round 1 for PCOS)

Hey guys ive done 4 first response pregnancy tests over the weekend all of which have come back very faintly positive. I have PCOS and never had a regular cycle i had 21 day bloods taken last month and it came back very low which makes me even more confused!! :\? I was told to go back on norethisterone to bring on af to start round 2 of clomid, my af should have arrived last week when i finished tablets but didnt so thus doing the tests Ive been to the doctors this morning and have to take my wee up tomorrow for them to send it off to check results not back till end of week!! if It is BFP will be sent to EPU for scan to check everything ok.

I really want to be exitied we have been trying for over a year it took us 3 years to get our first! has anyone heard of norethisterone metformin or clomid (which I took last month) affecting the result of a first response test? oxx


  • Think the only thing to affect pg tests as a + is people who are having hcg injections in assisted pregnancy.
    clomid wont make a +, neither will metformin although this shouldnt be taken in pregnancy. Is norethisterone a contraceptive pill? if so then that wont cause a bfp either. Take care and hope it is a bfp for you.
    Filo x
  • i hope it is a bfp!!! xx
  • thanks for your replies feelin little more positive really hope it BFP!! norethisterone is to bring on af filo as i hardly have them i never know where i am so it helped in the taking of clomid i cant believe it was only my first month on it, if i am pregnant what an amazing drug!!! thanks again xx
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