Fed up and confused!!!!!

Just hoping some of you can provide me with some PMA as I am feeling rubbish and you are all so lovely on here.

Its our first month of ttc - we only got married last month and have just got back from honeymoon. I would have ov'd while we were there (not sure when as not tracking it or anything) but we bd every day for the first week and loads the 2nd week.

I am now 5 days late - AF is only ever a day early or late but usually spot on. Have done a few tests and all BFN. What is going on???

I am knackered, feeling a bit woozy (which I first though was cos I'd picked up a bug on hols or something), have sore boobs and permanent erect nipples (for over a week now) and having really funny pains in my lower tummy. And as of yesterday I seem to have really watery discharge (sorry for grossness!). I feel like I could be pg which is very suprising as we really didn't even dare to hope it would happen in month one! I just want to know one way or another, even if I'm not preg I just want AF to come so I know for definate and we can get on with it!

Sorry for rant but my new husband is away with work all week so I've been on my own with all this going through my head and it's rubbish. xx


  • Just wanted to add that I appreciate some people have been ttc for months and even years and I am only in month 1 so I hope my post doesn't seem insensitive, it's just that if I'm not pg I would rather just know! Hope that makes sense. x
  • Hi,
    Congrats on the wedding!!

    It sounds like you could be ovulating. You could ovulate later in your cycle than you expect and I felt exactly like that the one time I ovulated since stopping the pill.

    Good luck,
  • thanks for your reply. I've not been on the pill though, not for over a year. I've had regular periods since Jan this year and suddenly I am 5 days late! Could I be ovulating now when I have missed a period? Thanks for your advice x
  • You could try an OPK? Or maybe a shy bean so you could retest in a few days.
  • thanks, I think I'm going to test again on sunday when hubby is back if no sign of AF. And if still nothing I might go to the docs x
  • Congratulations on your wedding, just to let you know I was TTC on my honeymoon and my AF was 10 days late think it was late due to the stress of wedding and flying can have an impact on your body - but hoping for a BFP for you xxx
  • just an update....
    AF arrived this morning, over a week late! We're fine about it, as I said before its only month one of ttc for us. But I'm going to go to the docs this week as now I know i'm not pg I want to know what has been wrong with me this last week. I have been so exhausted and feeling really under the weather so I think it's best to get checked out.
    On to month 2..... and I am not intepreting ANYTHING as a pg symptom from now on until I have a BFP to prove I am pregnant!!!
    Good luck everyone xx
  • x x Good luck x Baby Dust to you x
  • I dont think it was anything to worry about. I would of thought the stress of the wedding etc could of caused her to be late for you.
    Sending you lots of baby dust.

    Maz x
  • Becks good luck with month number 2 image still not got my AF or BFP - still getting BFN's
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