Think i'm out this month **Updated**

Hi All

Pretty sure i am out of the running this month, had really bad AF type pains for about 4 days and AF not due til Wednesday and all the syptoms i was having are gone completely apart from the tiredness but this is proably due to the fact i'm not sleeping as pain get really bad,
Feeling really down but OH said there is always next month!!! which has made me slightly worse.

i have invested in a BAsal thermometer and chart, so will keep track of everything next month!! xx

Okay bit of an update. Woke up again last night with chronic stomach cramps, i felt really really hot and it was awful. Did a CBD test this morning and stil BFN. but was up all night going to toilet etc so do you think this could have amade a difference to HPT?? xx

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  • Hun it aint over til the witch arrives! Also, believe it or not, AF oains are also a symptom of pg so you never know. How many DPO are you?

    Fingers crossed for you!

  • Hi Rainbow, i am 12DPO did a FR test on Friday night (i know shouldnt do them at night but couldnt help myself it was calling me from the bathroom). These pains been worse than my usual AF pains woke me up at 4am since friday. xxx
  • hun stay possitive she hasnt arrived yet so there is still hope image
  • Hun, I had bad AF type pains that woke me up in the night when I got my BFP (unfortunelty it wasn't sticky that time) so you never know. Also, it didn;t show until about 18DPO even tho I had tested at 12DPO and got BFN.

  • Just being another one to say but you really arent out until the witch arrives!!

    x x x
  • Thanks for all your kind words. will keep fingers crossed until wednesday, Thanks ladies, you really are all a god send!! xxx
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