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POAS advice

Just wondering if any of you POAS addicts could advise about what pg tests are best.
Just been on access diagnostics site and rather overwhelmed by quantity and choice availabe.
Any recomendations please
AF due 7th dec, up to now have resisted the need to POAS monthly and normally wait for the witch to show her head. However feel postive this month and wondering if i am getting the POAS urge!!


  • Hi Lainer,
    This Clearblue Digital pick up the smallest amount of hormone but could be wrong - but I vaugely remember reading that somewhere.
    Any test that picks up on a small amount of pg hormone will be good!
    Just remember if you get a bfn - it may not show up on time as hormone can sometimes not show up for a few or even a week until a/f due.
    Hope this helps a little - I would just go for a trusted brand.


  • I've just ordered ov sticks and preg tests off ebay. ??5 for 25 sticks in total which is a darn sight cheaper than clearblue.
    I can't poas though have to dasi (dipastickin)
  • i think with the cheapy sticks I would at least wait until af is a couple of days late to try and get a reliable result.

    Mrs WBxxxxx
  • tescos own are good, if u want to not spend a fortune. clear blues are great nothing better than seeing the word pregnant in font of u!
    I've bought the ones off ebay and they seem to work fine.
  • keep on with ebay some of those can be used 4 days before a/f if there 10miu
    better and cheaper than clear blue anyday
  • Hi girls

    thanks for the advice
    I have had a look at ebay and they are really good value

    will get some and lok at testing next week sometime
    OH wants me to wait , but don't think he understands the need to know
    Fingers crossed for everyone testing

  • I think most of the known brands Asda, Boots, First Response, Clearblue should be reliable but likewise most of the girls here who have a BPF have also got these from the cheapy ones. Personally I would go for the Digital - little to argue with when you get the result.

    Mrs WBxxxxxxxxxxx
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