CBFM question

I just wondered if it's possible to insert a used stick in CBFM once you have your first peak. After that it automatically goes to a 2nd peak, then high, then back to lows so I think I could save money by not POAS after 1st peak but just put in used stick. Any one else tried this?


  • yeah chick thats alright,i used to do that,no point wasting sticks if you know what your going to get

    i would just say remember to write what its is,ie high or low as i kept forgetting

    HTH xx
  • Hi Emma

    I was all prepared to do this when i was using my CBFM back in November coz i didnt wanna start a new box of sticks for the 'automatic' readings.... but the machine never asked me to insert a stick again! It must have known it had asked for 10 already so it didnt bother.
    I would have used an old one of it had though

  • Thanks Grudie. I've put in a used stick before for the low that it gives you after highs and peaks but not after 1st peak if you see what I mean. Might as well save as much money as possible. I don't think it would matter what the stick you put in was as it automatically follows that pattern.
  • Not tried this but may consider it. I'm on cd 16 and still a big fat low. This month i'm due to ov cd 19 and 20 - regualar as clockwork and never had lows this late before. Something else to worry about! x
  • Silly question, but can't you just skip testing on these days, or is it going to get very angry at you if you do?

    I'm on my first cycle, so I'm not sure about these things yet image
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