Poll-how many months

How many months have you been trying......

This is my second month, had mc in december been trying trying three years before that...

I think this will be a good way to bond



  • Hia sorry to here about your mc this is the 10month for us havind some tests now.xxx
  • Hi lanea, so sorry to hear about your mc.

    Me and my hubby have been trying for 5 months, but as I have slightly irregular cycles this is my 4th cycle in that time.

    I'm currently 7DPO and I've got a feeling the next week is going to pass sooooo slowly! :\)
  • Hiya,

    We started trying in May last year, fell pg on 4th cycle but mc in oct and now on 6th cycle since mc. getting rly fed up and just wish it would happen but slowly learning that everything has it's own time and we can't control it no matter what we try to do.

    good luck x
  • we have been trying for 21 months and we are trying for baby #3 i have irregular AF's

    good luck my lovely ***BABY DUST***


  • This is my 5th month...

    Good luck everyone!!!.x.
  • This is my first month off the pill and im still waiting for AF! Baby dust to all xxxxxxx
  • 10 long ass months for our first child, starting to get to me now, thought tttc was supposed to me fun!
  • hiya, its our 2nd month TTC, and i should be OV in the next few days! woohoo! image

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
  • Hay ladys
    I am ttc#2 and I am on month 19... Had a mc in june 09 and then in aug 09

    I am going to the DR about ttc next week

    good luck
  • hi

    This is month 3 ttc baby 3 am 8DPO and agree that the wait is sooo long!

    baby dust to all xx
  • We are TTC our first baby and this will be our first month of trying.
  • We are TTC our first baby and this will be our third month.
  • We are ttc our second baby and this is month 4 x
  • Month 3 for us, feels longer then that though. Think it is to do with 2ww. Good luck to all xx
  • Month 1 for us still havent had my Af im going to test sun. So fingers crossed good luck everone xx
  • Month one for us as well....AF due in a week...not feeling any different to normal so not getting my hopes up!
    Good luck all xx
  • I think I'm 5dpo and this is our 3rd month. I'm so worried that it'll never happen but I've always got my fingers crossed!! Good luck to everyone else trying image
  • Month 2 of trying, AF should be due next weekend, but no signs yet image - after last month having loads of symptoms and driving myself nuts!!
    Good luck to everyone X
  • Month 6 for us with a bit if a break I'm the middle x
  • hey all

    We're ttc our 2nd baby and its our 1st month - it took us 24 months to conceive our lo

    Good luck everyone - your time will come

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