morning ladies how do you all cope with pmt i feel really moody i really dont want my oh around me at the moment wich isnt good thing when trying for a baby as you kinda do need them for the little swimmers to top it two people around me have just had babies im very happy for them but i just think wear is my bfp its neally 8 months now i just feel a bit deflated at the moment and if one more person say it well happen i think i may explode sorry for the rant pmt got holid to me must be nice to oh when i get home tonight.x


  • hehehe, i have major Mood swings during AF!!!But hubby deflated it all when he was super sweet and took me cups of tea in bed cos i was so sore. It just made me imagine what he'd be like when im preg!!

  • thats so sweet.x
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