what vitamins?

On the run up to my tests thought id put oh on some vitamins to make sure his men are in tip top shape....was wondering what he needs to be on though?!? And apart from folic acid what are u girlies using? xxxxxxx


  • hi kim, my dh is taking a multi vitamin, but i want him to take zinc as well. I'm taking sanatogen pronatal, angus castus and evening primrose oil (only till ovulation though). I'm hoping the angus castus will sort my cycle out soon
  • Hey hun, im glad u said zinc as that one was the only one i knew about!!! Im thinking about angus castus 2 as my cycle was 36 days b4 this mc and b4 my last one was 28days so worried there guna get even longer now image if i get ac nxt wk will it be ok to take or do u have to start on day 1? Was guna give epo a go 2, doesnt hurt does it, do u have to 500mg or 1000 of that though? xx
  • hi. ive just been in superdrug and they now do santagen pronatal his and hers. it all comes in one pack just thought it might be of interest.xx
  • That sounds good Angielisa.

    Does zinc come on its own or can you get it with something else? I'm going out later this afternoon to get dh some, since we are now in our next month.
  • im sure you can just buy zinc on its own or i think you could probably get a multivitamin with zinc which would probably be quite good. i would buy for my oh but i doubt he remember to take them. we arent trying till next month so i see how we go. maybe i start putting them in his dinner.lol
  • Lol Angielisa. Good idea about multivitimin with zinc - will save money too, thanks.

    I was thinking that I could give him his when I take my pregnacare.
  • hi kim, i take 2000mg of evening primrose (you can take up to 3000mg) a day. I don't see how it could hurt to start taking ac part way through your cycle, my last cycle was 38 days so i'll do anything to reduce that, dont know if it's the ac and epo but af arrived on wednesday and i think she's leaving already, which is a bit odd seen as she normally hangs around for ages and is normally quite heavy but not this time. I guess that my cycles might just have changed due to the mc's though. My dh refused to take anything till i told him if he didn't take it i would crush it and put it in his food, don't know what he's complaning about he takes one tablet a day i take nine!!
  • Hubby and I are taking santagen pronatal his and hers. My nails have never been as good! lol! x
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