going to stop ttc

me and my hubby have decided to actually stop ttc, as it has been a stressful yr for us, and we're hoping that it will happen in its own time. But I will be going to doc's in august if it doesnt happen between now and then. (I've been off pill for 13months now and have ovulated the last few months definitly, not too sure about the first 10months.)

What do u's think??

Good luck to you all, xoxoxox ;\)


  • Good Luck hun. I hope you get your bfp before you visit the docs...

    TBH, I think websites like this make us crazy at times - borderline obsessive (myself included at times) and I think taking it easy and let nature takes it's course is a good idea...

  • Thanks frilly pink, your wee girl in photo is gorgeous!!!!!
    fingers crossed, xo
  • good luck, hope you get your BFP before you visit the docs. a few girls on here seem to have got their BFP when they have stepped back a bit and relaxed x
  • Sounds like a good idea, it's only my 2nd month and finding it surprisingly stressful so sort of understand why you feel like having time away. Hope you get your BFP really soon x
  • so excited:
    Really??!! well hopefully it mite work for me.

    thanks girls, i'll hopefully let unz know how I get on.

    GOOD LUCK to u all !!!image
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