confused about it all really!

spot the newbie! im so confused!!

last time we conceived we just had sex pretty much every day, some days mroe than once! we had been engaged for 3 months and were planning our baby. after a few bfns i fell pregnant.. 4 months in. i had my baby in october and breastfed for 8 months, so on the 19th july i had my first period in ages.. it lasted 3 days..

now im confused about ovulation?! i dont know how many days my cycle is or anything?! maybe we should just bd every day again! (if i can drag dh off his ps3!!!)

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  • hello

    as its your first period it will be hard to know, my cycles changed after LO from what they were before, it might just be worth having a good time until you know your cycles, or like me you can get straight down to tracking :lol:
  • Between 10-20 days after your period you should ovulate. If you get your af next month then you will know your cycle dates and can then try to pinpoint your ovulation dates.
    Without knowing your cycle length it's difficult to try to determin when your ovulating.
    You could get an ovulation kit, we've just used one for this month as I never know when I'm ovulating.
    Got a + yesterday which surprised me as I thought I wouldn't ovulate until next weekend, so you just never know sometimes!
    HTH good luck!
  • so bascially every day then! lol, hubby will be pleased!! thanks piggypops!!

    having a good time?! ha! this is all just business now, no fun involved!!! hehehe!;)

    currently on weightwatchers so just think- the longer it takes to get pregnant, the thinner i will be- so its not all bad i guess!!
  • just think- the longer it takes to get pregnant, the thinner i will be- so its not all bad i guess!!

    great quote!
  • LOL, without seeing all your replies i went online and bought a pack of 15 ov sticks and 5 preg sticks!

    so do i just wee on them everyday? and its its a + we do the dirty??

    thanks girlies!! all excited now!!
  • if there the little strips you need to use a wee sample from the afternoon, not FMU, when the test line get to the same colour or darker than the control line you are ment to ovulate in the following 12-48 hours

  • right ok. well if i get stuck i know where to come!! image thanks chick!!
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