Ok so I know what this is and that it happens due to ovulating but does your egg release before or after this? Anyone know when?


  • the EWCM appears before OV preparing you for the arrival of the soldiers.. it provides them with a better environment to travel through to get through the cervix etc. it's all part of the changes in CM... some get it abundance.. i dont! we use pre-seed which is a soldier friendly lubricant that creates the same "travelling" conditions for the soldiers.... that's my interpretation of eveything i've read anyway! image
  • soldiers LOL
  • :lol:

    Thanks rusky 12. The reason I ask is I had EWCM last tuesday and bd'd last thursday so was wondering if I could be in with a chance?
    We are not actively trying just seeing how it goes but you know what us women are like :roll:
  • I have it in abundance, there is lots of info about it on fertility friend x
  • Had a look on fertililty friend and the videos about ovulation wont work for me :cry:
  • oh thats a shame image think there is stuff to read thou too? x
  • Ok had another go and found a chart which suggests that I did bd just when I ovulated. Will see next week then. Here goes all the SS :lol:
  • im 99% sure i BD when i OV'd too but on CD29 now, no AF and a BFN image so not sure what to think, baby dust for u hun xxx
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