CD10 anyone?

Good afternoon ladies.

Well i'm on cd10 and i've heard that this is a good day to start bd'ing, every other day.... ;\)

Anyone else with me? xx

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  • Hi
    Yes me I'm cd10 today too.......going for every other day until I get my positive OPK and then every day!
    Yay a cycle buddy!
    NJH xx
  • YAY! How long have you been trying hun? Fingers crossed we'll be moving over to d.i.j pretty soon! xx
  • Just over a year, but only recently had some medical problems sorted (that were highlighted by fertility tests but not directly related) although apparently were affecting my hormones. So now i'm good to go.....although I do feel like I've wasted all this time so now I have every gadget available lol ....fingers crossed for us all xx
  • So you'll be dragging the OH off to the bedroom cavegirl style! LOL.
    Sorry to hear you've had some health issues but a big big smile to having the green light to start bd'ing again.
  • Thanks....just need to get OH interested now, think all the trying without results and waiting for apts etc has taken its toll. Will let him watch the footie first and then make my move LOL. Good Luck at your end
  • Just take your time chick (easier said than done i know) and make it fun for both of you. I'm sure a beer or 2 being served to him with a cheeky smile won't go amiss! ;0)
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