Soya products

has anyone heard that soya can make it harder to concieve due to naturally occuring Phytoestrogens in them? they apparently mimic oestrogen, someone told me this andi have looked on web and found conflicting info. some say the hormone effects the sperm? this sounds crazy and as a veggie im not impressed!
i have to say i dont eat alot of soya as im not big on ready made or processed foods,but the occasional treat i do!

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  • Hi ladies, I heard this too but like Zoey, it didn't affect me conceiving. It only took us 4 months to fall pregnant and I'm a vegan so a lot of my food is soya based.

    Good luck ttc xxx

  • I've heard this too, I'm a veggie so have cut down on it. But it's even in things like bisto grrr I shall have to live on beans to get the protein needed which dont have soya!

  • i have decided to cut out anyway just to be on safe side.
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