Feeling nauseous!

I have been feeling reeeally wierd today - very nauseous and tired - I had to go to bed when we got in at 5pm for an hour or so I was feeling that ropey with it!!

I said I would test about the 18th as that would be cycle day 28 but I actually dont know how long my cycles are as Ive only had 1 af since giving birth to my daughter 4 months ago so I dont really know when af is due.......should I test?? When we were ttc Amber I had short cycles - I think 24 days if I remember rightly, they were shorter anyway!

The one thing thats putting me off is that as well as feeling sickly I have had a few crampy feelings aswell so Im half expecting af to show in the next day or so.......oh cripes I forgot how stressy this ttc can be - you cant help but get sucked in lol!! image



  • hey i think u shud test image i tested because id been feeling weird, and really knackered...even though it is tiring having a LO i felt diff from just that, fingers crossed for u image
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