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hi ladies,i agree sunny days and lighter nights are fab! lilypingu,my mum conceived me in March aswell.i was born December about you????xx


  • I conceived in March and my daughter was born on dec 19th!
  • hi jakki,ah thats lovely,i bet shes fabulous!!! give her a big cuddle from me xx
  • I was born December 17, so maybe this is good for me too!! Good luck everyone!!! xxxxxx
  • hi candygirl what year?? xx
  • Gayle1979,
    My birthday is on the 19th of December aswell, I was born in 1977.
    I am currently waiting for a positive test!!!!!!!or a/f to arrive, I am 1 day late..tested this morning and negative, but I don't know my cycle, had a m/c in jan and before that I had the coyle with no bleeds..
    The sunshine does make you feel better though.
  • Hi Anna,
    How do you feel about having your birthday so close to christmas? Im on day 17 today and i so hope i get a positive this month,i would love 2 have a december baby.i love having my birthday close 2 christmas!
    Im keeping my fingers crossed for you.what test did you use? Gayle xx
  • Hi girls- i was born Dec 2nd 1978 and my brother Dec 3rd 1974- find this stat amazing as my mum is irregular like me but she still managed to conceive us both in March, roughly around the same time, four years apart!! Managed to get a positive on the ov stick yesterday- am so excitied about this (its my first proper positive!!! Another fab day today- been soo busy, made about 300 crispy cakes with my class and then had to prepare for an interview tomorrow- its all go!!

    Oh, I forgot to mention- I don't like having my b'day in Dec- too close to Christmas, would much prefer to have a summer birthday- more to do in this season!
  • Hello Gayle, Lilypingu,Candygirl
    I always hated having my birthday around christmas. All my presents wrapped in christmas paper and less presents....some people even send me a xmas card that says happybirthday.. I have always said that I didn't want a xmas baby but now I couldn't want it more. Still no a/f so I will keep you informed
  • Good luck- hope a/f stays away!!
    I agree with you over the birthday/christmas thing. When people go to buy my cards- they always say there's nothing in the shops because they're full of Christmas cards!!
  • I would rather have a summer baby in terms of birthdays, but just think how good it would be to be pregnant in winter and not to be huge during the hottest months!

    Plus once you start ttc it doesnt really matter as long as you get a healthy happy baby!

    I am feeling really very positive this month, and it seems to be that we are all feeling that way. God luck with interview lilypingu!! Is it another teaching vacancy? Im going in tommorrow to make easter bonnets out of biscuits with my lot!!!!! Been at CPD training tonight till 7. Poor oh is tired and neither of us feel like IT at all but this should be my most fertile day with ov tommorrow so cant waste it!


    come on girls lets have a whole load of xmas babys!
  • Yeah, another teacher position about 5 mins from my house by car. Would be a fresh start if I could get the job. Have just made over 300 crispy cakes with my little darlings today- but I think I may already have written this! Know what you mean about the tiredness thing- DH had a bad attack of tiredness and pressure yesterday which I believe was my most fertile time too. Thought it would all turn out wrong and we would miss this chance this month but DH pulled it out of the bag. So yippee- we did all we could this month and probably won't be at it again for at least a week!!
    Good luck with tonight image
  • Hi December ladies!!!,
    ive never had anything like that on my birthdays,they have always been fab! i love being a December baby lol!! when i was little,i used to think if it was snowing on my birthday,that it was for me lol!!!
    jellybaby you are so right about the summer baby son was born in the summer,and its fabulous having a summer baby,but being 9 months pregnant in the heat is not good!
    love to you all xx
  • Good evening all
    Well at least I have always had snow on my birthday growing up as I grew up in sweden....
    Being pregnant in the winter sounds better , I had my son in september and I was at my biggest and most tired in the summer holidays when my daughter was off playschool..She is now in reception and my son in playschool.Lets hope we are all lucky and get our december babies...
    All the best of luck to you all
  • Hi Anna,
    what is reception? my wee man is going to playgroup in August.i didnt realise you are from Sweden,should have guessed it from your name lol!! do you still live there?
    fingers crossed for December babies xx
  • Gayle,
    I have lived in the uk for 10years now. We live in North Dorset now.
    Reception is the first year of school, maybe different places have got other names for it??
    Still no sign of a/f so I will test tomorrow unless it arrives.
  • Hi Anna,
    ah i see,we call it primary 1.fingers crossed af stays away.good luck for the morning. xx
  • Gayle- where are you? Never heard of it being called primary 1!
    Good luck Swede- hoping its going to be a bumper nxt two months (March & April) due to Chriss' great news image
  • hi lilypingu,im in Inverness,but as far as im aware,they call it primary 1 all over Scotland xx
  • Aahh- Inverness- I love Inverness! I visited in October and stayed at the Glen Mohr hotel on the river Ness- beautiful! I'm also visiting next week on another little holiday with DH. This time we are staying in an apartment in the centre of town. The views are spectacular! Both Dh and I would love to move to Inverness and get jobs but we check the highland council website every week and nothing!! There seems to be no jobs available.
    So we are stuck down here in Essex!
  • hi where about ru staying next week? ive lived in Inverness all my life.the glen mhor hotel is lovely,good choice.Inverness has grown so much in the last 10 years and thats the reason for a shortage of jobs.there are 2 new primary schools opening soon though.1 opens after the summer hols xx
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