2 days late

hello, im now 2 days late and im usually spot on, i did do a couple of cheap ebay tests but came up neg, so dont know what to think! its our second month ttc after mc so im really hoping its good news...anyway im gonna try and be strong and not test till im a week late like i did with dd 1st time round then im sure the hormone levels will def pick up! im so impatient though!!! its doing my head in!!image hugs everyone xxx


  • good luck pae. Hope you can hold out!!!
  • good luck hope you get your bfp soon x
  • Oh I hope it is a bfp and not just the witch stuck in traffic for a few days. Would be great to see you on the preg board!!
    Good Luck xx
  • ooh best of luck! you'll do well not to test for another week! good luck!!

    I'm on day 29 and no sign. am exaughsted and have massive boobs but not sure if thats a/f or pg?? this is month 2 of ttc and 1st month was first off pill so dates could be haywire... not going to poas until thurs though cause i'm going away for the weekend and will be able to drink (or not hopefull!!) xxx

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  • Oh good luck!!You're a better person than I am if you can hold out for a week!! Really hope that you get your bfp!!!xxxxxx
  • Oh pae, i so hope this is it for u!!! Im hoping i can wait and be a wk late too..hoping i can keep the addict in me dorment! xxxxx
  • thanks! i can't hold out really but my hubby wouldn't let me buy a test! i'm only holding out cause i'm frightened that my dates could be wrong. if af does show, next month i'll be testing on the day just in case! x
  • Fingers crossed honey!
  • ooooooooh good luck, i really hope you get a bfp. my fingers are crossed for you xxx
  • oooooh pae that sounds positive honey, and after all you've been through recently you certianly deserve it!!! i've got my fingers crossed for you.
  • Crossing fingers for you.. cant wait for a positive update.
  • hi zammo, that sounds positive! i poas today but it was neg... day 30 but not sure what my cycle will be cause not long off pill? feel like i might come on so not getting too excited. going to join the 2ww i think! x
  • hi zammo have u tested yet? im gonna wait till friday if still no af arrives!! i hope we both make it!!! hugs xxx
  • Hey!

    Good luck hun...so far so good....no af which is a good sign! xxxx
  • Good luck Pae, fingers are crossed for your bfp

  • Not long now! good luck hun, and tons of lucky sticky babydust ********** xxx


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