Tesco pg tests

Hi girls

Does anyone know much about tesco brand pg tests, as in how accurate they are? I just bought 2 but it doesn't say anywhere how sensitive they are, I'm hoping to waitto AF is due but would like to know if they would work maybe a day or 2 before that...just in case image

Thanks xx


  • Hi my frien swears by these I think they are quite sensitive??

    Superdrug ones are 10miu x
  • Great!! That's the kind of thing I was hoping to hear...mmmm might invest in a few superdrug brand then as well image (ok maybe I am an addict...)

    Thanks xx
  • Huni

    I poas this morning with a superdrug test and think I can make a line out, not getting hopes up going to wait a few more days and do another.

    I tested with fmu but it had been in a container for 2 hrs as had no tests left n went out and bought a pack!!

  • o wow! congrats!!! a line is a line hun and it doesn't matter how long you left the pee sitting (some even tell you to let it cool) What a lovely end to the year for you! xx
  • Tesco ones were fine for me...but I did quite a few of them to make sure it was right lol. Hubby still laughs about it. I was like a crazy woman weeing on them one after another. I apparently kept saying let me do just one more...I have promised I won't do it this time round and believe it if it shows up!

    Good luck. xxx
  • :lol: I'm already tempted to use one and I'm only 4dpo :O xx
  • Hi Huni. I got my BFP on Tescos at either 9dpo or 11 dpo (wasn't using CBFM that month so can't be 100% accurate).

    K 25+5 x
  • Hi Huni,

    Think my outburst of excitement has bit me in the ass this morning dont think I can see a line now?? Oh well am SMEPING this month and we have already BD twice he he even though your only supposed to bd every other day but am only day 7 so can break the rules until Day 8..........he he.

    I think I am going to have to have a variety of tests in for next month, gonna buy some cheapie tescos, superdrug, boots (are highly recommended) too and then get a pack of fr and CBD...........its costing a bloody fortune POAS!!! Hope I get that BFP in the next couple of months xx
  • ooo hun, sorry to hear that! What dpo are you? It could be your urine just wasn't concentrated enough today.

    If I bought that many tests I would be testing everyday, even before ov :lol:
    Hope you only have to use 1 of them hun image xx
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