Any rituals anyone???


Just wondering if anyone has any rituals they use to get pg?? Have been teasing my DH that he now has to hold my legs in the air and he says he wants to construct some kind of pully system above the bed!!!

Also, not a ritual, but I have a lovely bottle of champagne in the cupboard that I got for my 21st birthday (I'm now 30) and have always been saving this for when I have my first child..........has been soooo long I can't wait to drink it!! Although it might taste a bit like cat wee now!!!

Anyone else got any superstitions, rituals, or anything slightly off the wall??





  • Hiya,
    I dont really have any rals as such. Just put my legs up and cushion under bum. I check cervix, cm and symptoms every day. we BD every other day. Take pregnacare every day. Thats about it.
    Can champaigne last that long without going off??

  • Don't know about the champagne thing?? Suppose I'll find out when I drink it!! I'll either spit it out or drink it in one go!! I LOVE champagne and I'd be gutted if it has gone off (and it wouldn't surprise me if it had!). It was a ??50 bottle nearly ten years ago!!

  • when me and oh have done the deed i make sure i dont get out of bed for at least 30mins, i lay on my side and tuck my legs up and imagine the little swimmers heading all the way up and finding my egg and making the baby :lol:

  • you should sell it for more!!!!! lol
  • I have tried everything, lying on cushion after with legs bent, lying on my side. not moving for 30 mins, doing a cycle movement exercise so I'm vertical. I got pg with lo without any of this as unplanned and now I'm an acrobat! LOL.
    PS I'm more of a lambrini girl! Haha
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