what should we do

i have been on and off the pill for years. My periods have never been regular i can go 4 months with nothing. my last period was in nov. shall i just wait and see when my next period comes or go to the doctors? i have no idea how long my cycles are as they differ so cant work out when im ovulating. any advice wud be grately apreciated. as i imaging like all you ladies we would like a bfp asap. x


  • I would suggest going to see the Dr hun. If anything they can put your mind at rest and you will feel a lot better. xx
  • I would also say to go and see your GP. Mine has been so helpful (I haven't had AF for over 80 days) and she was so nice. I've had some blood tests and I'm going to have a scan. She said she thinks it's just from being on the pill for so long but wanted to put my mind at rest. xx
  • Hi Lindz, I would make an appt to see the Dr too. Hope you get some answers soon xx
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