Have I messed up my CBFM?

Hi girls,

Just a quick question...I started using my CBFM this month. Started POAS from day 6, I got three highs from cd13, Peaks 16/17, High on CD18 but then I stopped ( I was away and it was inconvenient).
Anyway, I'm now CD23 and it is still asking for tests ( which I haven't done).

Should I start again next month? Have I skewed the results? Surely if it identified my highs and peaks it won't make much difference or is CB just trying to make a fast buck by making me buy lots of sticks!!! :\)



  • I stop using sticks after my second peak. I don't think it makes a difference ( and yeah, saves on buying sticks!). I guess so long as you let it know when ( or if!) af starts it should be ok? Good luck
  • Thanks for that Mrsdoc. Was thinking along the same lines!
  • I agree with Mrs Doc - once you peak you know it will be a high then lows so I would just press the m as and when you need to - if you need to!! Good luck
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