BFN at CD26

I got a BFN on CD26 with an early pregnancy test but I'm feeling less and less premenstrual as time goes by. I am getting cramps but not my usual chocolate craving or sore boobs. When do you think I should test again?



  • Hi Kate,

    erm I am not sure? What have your cyc's been like to date?

    k XX
  • This is my first after my withdrawl bleed, so it's hard to say. Previously I have always been very regular 28-30 days.
  • Ah I see , yeah sadly these can take a little while. I had just come off the pill and was very lucky I had my first real bleed 28 days later. I would say your only on CD26 so you stil have a couple of days to go. Do you know that you did OV this month as when i came off it i don't think i did.

    I would wait till CD28 and then if still BFN, give it a week I know it;s hard but has to be done and then test again.

    K xx
  • I am on CD29 now, but I tested on saturday and got a BFN. I think I ov'd at the right time as I was a bit crampy. I just don't know though, I'm thinking about it more than I ever have before so it might be psychosymatic.
  • Oh right i did not know sorry honey. Well I would say it's just your body playing up as you have only just come off the pill it;s very normal.I thought I ov as I had the dull ache pain and all that but i never had any EWCM and so i don;t think i did atr all.

    I was sooo scared about my AF taking ages to come back but some women go like 30 to 40 days. I hope it does not take this long for you and maybe wait another couple of days and test.

    If you were preg I would of thought it would of shown up by now, but i could be wrong.

  • Hi Kate,

    Caught you!! I thought you were going to wait until Friday to test again!! Are you turning into a POAS addict like the rest of us??!!!!!!

    It's so difficult to tell when you first come off the pill, but it certainly isn't out of the question that you could be pg. Someone on here the other day is and they only had a withdrawal bleed so fingers crossed.

    If I were you, I would try to hang on a few more days yet. Actually, in reality, if I were you I'd be POAS right now!!! But that isn't good advice!

    I hope that you can hold out a little longer and that you get your BFP very soon hun. Fingers crossed, hey.



  • Alright I will wait until friday. Cross my heart.
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