Just ever so slightly bored,,,,,,,,,

with waiting for my BFP!! I know there are lots of us the same situation but I'm starting to get really fed up with the same old story. I keep bding at the right time but I still get my AF and she's really getting on my nerves now.!!

The first 2ww is now dragging as much as the 2nd 2ww. How do you guys cope with it? Any tips to make the time go quicker?!!!

Also, we've been trying for 12 months now although until February of this year we weren't really bding as much and not necessarily at the right times. We were just seeing if we 'got lucky'. How long should I keep trying before getting concerned that there's something wrong with me or DH?

I know this sounds absolutely terrible on a site like this but I had a termination 13 years ago. I was only a teenager and not in a proper relationship. It tore my heart out and I think about it all the time but I know in my heart that it was the right thing to do at the time. Now I feel like I'm being punished for what I did or that maybe I have 'damaged' myself because of this. Feeling really low.......


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  • hi mrs hopeful, im sorry you had to go through that when you were younger, if it's worrying you that you might be "damaged" maybe talk to your doctor just to put that worry out of your mind.
    as for how long you should try, i think it's a year. but if you've only been trying "properly" since feb, your only in your 5th month now, so think of it that way, i think 6 months is average.
    keep your chin up and just have fun with lot's of bd, i've read other posts on here that say as soon as they relaxed and stopped worrying about it they got their bfp.
    lot's & lot's of babydust for you xxx
  • Thank you J 20. Very kind words and I really appreciate it.

  • Hi Mrs Hopeful, I have also had a termination, 6 years ago I was 22. I always think about that also, your not being punished for it so don't think that. Hope you don't mind me saying, it sounds like you are really depressed about it still and not letting go. Like me, you did what was right at the time because you were thinking about your baby and you should never feel bad about that.
    I have found that the only good way to play the TWW is to not play it! Take your mind off it and concentrate on something other than that and I assure you you will find that it will fly by. I was stressed out for mnths worrying about timing and position etc until 2 mnths ago. My body just said you know what, I am going to stop getting depressed about not conceiving and concentrate on getting my relationship back on track with DH, since then I have felt wonderful. Everytime AF arrived I would cry and think I would never have children and I realised that I had to chill out and enjoy my time with my DH and let it happen naturally. This will be our 15mnth ttc but deep down I know it will happen one day for us and I am sure that if you can take your mind off it too, it will also happen for you 2.
  • Thanks Maddie. What a sweety!!

    I don't think I'm depressed about it any more. I certainly was for some time afterwards and didn't realise. I think it's just the length of time it's taking us to get pg that has made me more aware of what happened in the past, if you know what I mean! I was incredibly unlucky (gosh! Now I want to be lucky!) at the time. I did not wish to be pg and it was the first time this guy and I had had sex and we even used the withdrawal method!! I so wish it was that easy this time! I think that is probably what I think about more than anything.

    Thanks for your comments though. I will definitely try to 'forget' that we're ttc but you know what it's like! It consumes you!! We've got a lot on over the next few weeks or so (birthday parties, planned nights out, hen/stag parties, weddings and I'm changing jobs - all in the space of three weeks! Aaarrrrggghh!) so hopefully I will be able to bd lots and forget about the ttc!!

    Good luck to all of you ttc. I send you lots of babydust.
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