2ww has began!!x

Well ladies, it's that horrible time of the month 4 me again....the 2ww'!! I'm 2dpo and hate the waiting game... It seems to last for ever! This is month 9 4 me, i've managed to bd at all the right times this month, as my oh has had time off & hasn't worked away? Iv also used preseed & cbfm?

So who else is on their 2ww? How u all doing?


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  • Everything crossed for you! Month 9 was lucky for me and I hope it will be for you too. I'm keeping my eye on everyone in the 6+ month thread and hoping to see all your bfp's very soon, yours in two weeks image x
  • Hey Lianne, I am just starting 1dpo for me. Am determined not to symptom spot this month as last month I was sure i had EVERY possible symptom! Don't have a great feeling about this month though. We BD at (hopefully) all the right times but I just don't FEEL like we did it - just a feeling. We shall see though. How are you doing?xx
  • good luck this month lianne image xxxxx
  • Hi Liannmg,
    I'm in the 2ww too!!! Tis horrid - this is month 16 for us so I no longer really believe that this will be our month. Having said that it doesnt stop me symptom spotting and hoping!!!

    Good luck to all xx
  • Thanx 4 your replys ladies, I'm doing ok thankyou, just feel like the 2ww is never ending, my af is due on the 26th (my oh's bday) I'm taking him away 4 the night to a romantic hotel...would b fab to tell him he was gona be a daddyimage hope we all have some good news to tell our oh's this
    month? Xxx
  • YAY! This is your month I am sure of it xx
  • B-v, let's hope it's OUR month!! How u doing?x

    Kitkat-good luck huniimage xxx
  • Hi Lianne I guess it all went to 'plan ' then??? Good luck pet - just know you did everything you could this month! I am hopeing this is your one. image
  • yay, fingers crossed for us all,
  • Good luck ladies, i really hope that your 2ww ends in bfps for you all!! xxxx
  • Good luck! Hope you're lucky this month.
    Baby dust ::::::::
  • B-o-b...yes I took all your advice and hopfully have done all i can, gona bd tomorrow just to confirm everything lolimage
    how u doing?

    Thanx everyone else, yes let's hope it is our month!image xxx
  • Af arrived yesterday for me so my own plan didn't work this month - still it's worked before so on I go! I'm on cd2 now but at least that means when I go to Vegas in 2 weeks with my friend I'll be able to have a few drinkys! I'm hoping to ov right before I leave so hopefully won't miss my ov day while away without dh - suppose I could find a substitute while I'm there if I was really desperate! :lol:

    I think what's thrown me off a little is the sonohystogram I had last month, it was very painful and I think it will take a few weeks for my uterus to recover from that. So this month will be better I'm sure.

    Good luck Lianne, I hope you're cooking! image
  • b-o-b, Sorry to hear about your af, but at least your very possitive and have holiday to looK 4ward toimage keeping my fingers crossed that you ov b4?lol, well keep me posted on how your getting on? Thanx again 4 your advice xxx
  • hi lianne,

    we are on same cycle again - i am on my 2ww too! Hope its better luck for us both this month!

    Bob, sorry you are back on new cycle xxx
  • I'm right here with ya Lianne! I think I am 8dpo today - it's really dragging! Best of luck - sounds like you went all out so let's hope it's your month x
  • Doesn't just drag tho ladies? I'm on 5dpo and feels like I should be on at least day 13 lolimage but 4 sum odd reason I'm not obsessing, or even
    worrying. Feel the same really, my left boobs been tingly but that's about it? How about everyone else?

    All going ok? Xxxxx
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