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Baby number 2?

Hello, Is there anybody out there TTC baby number 2? I am desperate for another baby (lo is 8 months old), it took us 6 months to conceive with him and my age is against me (i'll be 34 next month)!!! I really want another baby, but not sure if I can cope with 2!!! People tell me that the second is easier as you're a pro by then!!! DH and I have agreed to start trying in February - I hope to be speaking to you all very soon... Sara


  • Hey there my lo is 8 months too and yesterday I just found out I was pregnant again and I'm over the moon I didn't want a large age gap between them. I got pregnant on 2nd month of trying again.
    I'm wondering how I'll cope but I know I'll be fine so don't worry about how you'll cope as you'll be fine too. Your right everyone says the 2nd time round is easier than the first anyways.
    Good Luck
  • Thank you both - well you never know, maybe i'll have a new baby this time next year!!! I will look forward to speaking to you both again very soon... Sara
  • hi my daughter was 1 when i found out i was preg with my second, and there are 20 months between them at times it can be hard work but at other times it can actually be a lot easier you are in routines and works well together. youngets is now 1 and eldest will be 3 in march and expecting number 3 in july I know the three will be hard work but my mum had three under 3 and said that having the 3 was no harder than the 2.
    Seeing the relationship my girls has got is lovely and I am glad I have had mine close together but this time next year i dare you to ask the same question, lol

  • Am trying for number 2. Little boy is 4 and we wanted a bigger gap to give him time. Did try when he was 2 but mc so decided to wait. Took 18mths to conceive him so maybe in for a long haul. LOL. Filo x
  • I'm trying for number 2. Mine is 11 months and I'm 34 already!!! You are not as old as me
  • Hi were trying for number 2, have a daughter already 20 months, and it can be no harder looking after another one than its been having her as she has been plaged with illnesses over the last 12 months, my friend had her 2nd in july 14 months after her first and she said its easier with second and me and my brother are only 11 months difference and my mom said you just get on with it, im sure its all worth while. Good Luck
  • we're ttc our 2nd and my daughter turned to 2 in november....can't believe i'm actually using yrs now miss refering to her in months....
    I'm worried about having another being a handle them both but i'm sure we'll just cope, my sister and i are 13months apart and i wanted my children to be fairly close in age.
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