Why do we do it? :lol:

As most of you may know im 5days late. I KNOW im not pregnant or obviously ovulating and I just poas for both :lol:

Got my first ebay cheapies in the post yesterday and they just wouldnt stop calling my name. They were both -ive (what a surprise) but what the hell was I thinking.

At least thay were cheap ones xxx


  • hehe, i have the cheapies because as much as i try to be good i always end up testing from /8 DPO :lol:
  • i love ovulation strips!! stops me from poas with pregnancy tests lol image

  • haha i remember my first month, I think i did a preg test like a day after having upsi for the first time lol and i knew it was way way way way way too early but thought i could be an exception lol xxxx
  • I dont think any of our OHs know the torment we go through. Its on my mind 24/7 and as much as I try and take it all casually it just doesnt happen.

    What are we all like image
  • I agree baby love...these past few months seem to be even worse...we all deserve our bfp after months of upset!xxx
  • aww im also 5 days late, and im just the same...im past the stage of thinking this could be it, as i just get neg after neg...baby dust all round!!xx
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