and u thought u got rid of me....

Well looks like im mcing again....bright red blood and clots today with pains from due to go to the epu 2morrow for my bloods and will know for sure on friday but things are not looking good. As much as i love u girlies, im sad to be back, kim xxxxxxx image image


  • Oh I am so sorry to hear that. As long a shot as it may be it might still be alright, I have heard of women bleeding heavily and continuing to have a normal pregnancy. My heart goes out to you.

  • woomummy, I am so sad to hear this. I hope it turns out for the best but if not, then I hope that you can recover well and find some peace. Thinking of you.

  • oh no kim im so sorry, i was so pleased you had your BFP finally. i dont know what to say.until you know for sure keep positive it might not mean your mcing. like lulabellarama said many women experience bleeding through pg. good luck sending you lots of sticky baby dust x x x
  • oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear your news, try and keep your chin up and see what the epu team say tomorrow at your appointment.

    massive huggles for you sweetie

  • Oh love I am soooo sorry image you don;t know for sure though so lets think pos. good luck for your app though

    Big hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Im so sorry woomummy. Im really hoping that its not a mc. As the others have said, try to stay positive until you know for sure one way or the other.

    Thinking of you hun, and praying for a good outcome. Take care xx
  • aw hun i'm so sorry image am thinking of you.
    i hope it is good news for you but if it isn't then we are all here for you

    my mmc has been confirmed today too so i'll be coming back in here very soon xxx
  • I love u girlies i really do, mrs e im so sorry hunny, i really am, big hugs hunny, i think we both need it dont you! I just want friday here so i know either way, limbo land is the worst xxxx
  • mrs_e, Im so very sorry hun. I know exactly what you are going through right now. If you want a chat or someone to vent your anger/tears/sadness on, then feel free to email me.
    Take care hun. xx
  • Oh Kim, I'm so sorry. I hope they find that you havent mcd when you go on friday but I can understand you expecting the worst. My thoughts are with you.xx
  • Oh hun I'm soo sorry to hear what youre going through & mrs_e I'm sorry to hear your mmc has been confirmed

    Big hugs to both of you xx
  • woomummy and mrs_e, sorry to hear your sad news. xx
  • woomummy, so sorry you might be joining us again. I'll be thinking of you.

  • Oh hun! I am sorry! I'm just contacting you now!


  • Oh Kim i'm soooooo sorry to hear that. Big cyber hug and we are here for you if you need to chat. Sxx
  • Kim

    I dont know what i can say except im so sorry hunny, i hope everything turns out ok. We are all here for you. Im sending you huge hugs.

    jen xx
  • Oh Woomummy, I've been wondering how things went for you and I'm sorry it's not good news.
    If it's any comfort you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Oh no image (big hugs)
  • sorry to hear your news. hope things ok. as the girls have said dont loose hope

  • got everything crossed for you for Fri, woomummy. Hope we don't see you back the nicest possible way xxx

    So sorry to hear your news too mrs_e *pats & rubs* xxx
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