well the title says it all!!!! 10dpo and have a real strong feeling we havnt done it this month, i no my luck and im bloody sick of it!!!!
if i dont get my bfp this month then i have to wait a couple of months to go and have bloomin blood tests thru out my cycles.

this ttc thing really does just do my head in at the moment. WILL I EVER HAVE A BABY!!??
why is it always someone else and not me :\?


  • Sally - I hope you're ok. Didn't want to r&r. Take care x
  • sorry, shouldnt of gone off on one like that! i just needed to let my fustration out image
    xxxx sorry ladies
  • Don't be sorry. I know how you feel. I used a CBFM for the first time this month and I had a peak yesterday so we bedded last night. I'm so excited, which I know sounds pathetic, because I'm really hoping it has worked, but I know if af comes at the end of the month I'm going to be really upset. I'm not very patient lol!! I want to get pregnant now!!
    You're not on your own hun. I hope you're ok x
  • I know hun i sometimes feel exactly the same xx Why you got to wait a couple of months for blood tests hun? xx
  • I'm fed up too, didn't get a peak at all on my cbfm this month so probably haven't ov'd at all which sucks!

    It's so frustrating!!
  • I was about to come and post on here the same thing. I'm 8 dpo today and just really feel like we haven't done it this month. Normally i'm totally convinced we have.

    I normally get really strong ovulation pains, and didn't this month, so i'm convinced i didn't ovulate,

    It sucks. But i think i'll find it easier to not test this month before AF is due.

    It'll be our time soon hun!
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