Bit of blood- but trying to stay positive

Hi ladies,

Yet another post from me!! Excuse this one it's quite tmi

Last nght when I had a rather tricky bowel movement (see I said it was tmi) I got some bright red blood when I wiped. As today is cd28 I thought ok just incase it's af I'll wear a pad but this morning the pad was clean and just a tiny bit of brown blood when I wiped.

I know when I was pg with dd I had this as I was convinced my af was coming so never tested for ages, the midwife said I probably had a sensitive cervix as I then bled through the first half of my pregnancy.

So although the blood isn't a great sign I'm trying to stay posiive, I think I'm 8dpo now so not planning on testing till thurs/Friday and just hoping I can last that long.


  • Well the red blood is still coming and going, it turned to brown this morning, then red again early afternoon and just been to the loo again and its brown again !

    I dunno what is going on !!!
  • Ooh I hope it's a good sign chick!! Keep us updated :\)

    Mrs G x
  • Sounds like it could be implantation as it's quite early for af like you say. My implantation was mostly brown but I did have red blood at one point. I thought it was AF tbh.

    Don't you just love the waiting game that is ttc lol!

    Good luck
  • No Lady2188 I hate it, LOL !

    Why cant it just be Day 1 - unprotected sex
    Day 2 - pregnant !!

    I tell ya whoever invented procreation really got it wrong !

    1) In a whole month there is only a teeny tiny window of opportunity. Not very productive to the cause.
    2) it takes 2 weeks to find out if your pg !! Vey offputting
    3) If you do get pg you get morning sickness, food aversions, cravings, cramps, boob ache, back ache - if it wasnt for a pg you wouldnt volunteer for these would you
    4) being pg is very uncomfortbale !
    5) then you have to push something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon !

    You'd think to keep the earth populated they'd wanna make it easier ! LOL
  • HAHA lambchop you made me giggle with that last post! How true it is!

    Seeing as you're only 8dpo I wouldn't have thought it was AF unless you have a short LP. What CD are you? It could be implantation, it could be a slight abrasion on your cervix (have you BD'd recently?) xx
  • I'm cd28 but my cycles vary from 28 days to 96 days! I'm guessing I'll be on a 38 day ish one based on my ov date.

    My hubby reckons my boobs look bigger & have more noticeable veins, but I dunno how much of that is just seeing what you want to see you know.
  • I highly doubt it's AF then hun! Fingers crossed for implantation! My boobs have got all veiny and I'm now CD2 so no idea what happened there.. think it might have possibly been another CP. Any other symptoms? Oh wait I don't want to start you off symptom spotting, sorry! x
  • Not really, nursing a cold and a couple of mornings I felt a bit queezy. But when I was pg with dd I had no symptoms till I was around 6 weeks into the pregnancy. The only thing the same as my last pregnancy is this strange bleeding.
  • Well fingers crossed for you that this is it!
  • Ohh good sign!

    Thats exactly what i had last week, it was just twice when i wiped, there was none on my knickers lol.
    So im hoping that was implantation too, but if my cycle is the same as when i was on the pill, i should be due my period 2moro-wed but no signs yet, so fingers crossed she stays away.
    Good Luck x
  • That sounds good, its the right time for implantation too! Good luck x
  • Can I ask too when you would roughly expect an implantation bleed to occur. I'm only on CD 20 and yesterday had the tiniest amount of blood on my underwear and today a tiny amount only once when I wiped. Would it be too early to be implantation - my cycles are normally 28 days. Sorry to hijack your thread but as similar queston thought it daft to start a new one! cheers x
  • I think it's usually 6-10dpo, but you may wanna google it to double check. Xxx
  • thanks for the reply - just googled it and it says about 9 days so prob rules it out for me as that would mean I ov'd earlier than I think I actually did. Oh well it was a nice thought while it lasted! lol x
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