another question, sorry

so i decided to use opk to see whats going on as it first month off the pill and didnt expect to ovulate at all. i started eary on cd6. any way this is the results so far.

cd6 weak positive
cd7 weak positive
cd8 alot darker line but not quite as dark as control line
cd9 today, negative

so my questions are, am i ovulating? i know you peak before but does it just diappear the day you ovulate? is it possible to ovulate this soon after stopping the pill.

thanks ladies x


  • Hi

    I am not sure how long your cycles are if they are 28 days then you wouldnt expect to ovulate until CD14 so i suspect you could be too early for ovulation.

    Try again from CD10 testing every other day and you should get a line or a smiley.

    Good luck

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