Where are you SLOW ?

Has anyone heard anything of slow in the last couple of days ?


  • not for a few days now. could be just having a break from site. hope she is ok.
  • no nothing! Where are you SLOW?!?!
  • i was wondering the same!! hope all is ok xxx
  • Hi, I am here. I broke my laptop at beginning of week so can't get on as often as i did before. I'm using my Dads comp at work and have to keep deleting the history!!!! Still waiting for AF to arrive, i'm def sure i'm not pg but on cd31 and no sign of her. Just wish she'd come so i can move onto next month. THanks for the concern girls, i am ok just missing my laptop. Left a pen on the keyboard and shut the lid down so the screen is knackered....ooooppppssss!!!!!
  • You silly thing. As all us girls on here are like one big happy family. YOU WHERE MISSED. lol
  • Hopefullly it will be back next week so i'll be back in full swing!!
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