eeek new tests are here...

what should i do? i'm dying to test....what should i do?!


  • Do you really need to ask???????

    Where are u in your cycle?
  • cd29 think i'm only about 11/12 dpo?!
  • As I've read on here before (I'm always one for using other peoples advice!) why not test and if it's negative you can tell yourself it was too early!!! At least you'll get the poas urge out of your system for a while!!

    Do it, do it, do it!!!!
  • I'd test but then I am really impatient and always feel like rubbish when I get a BFN. If its only a couple more days I'd try and wait - you could get the news you most want like SB!! Any symptoms? x
  • BFN but have just had two cups of tea! never mind just gotta wait for af.

    Have been having syptoms loads of cm had bit of blood in it at the weekend too, been feeling sick too...

  • Must just be too early then. Tee hee. Hope af stays away and you get a bfp soon. I'm on 2ww due to test on 8th may (if not earlier)
  • Why dont you test in a couple of days hun.
    How many tests do you have?
  • 4 left.....i guess i'll just have to wait......don't feel confident now, though if af arrived a short cycle would be great..xx
  • Ahhh honey it was most likley too early thats all, just wait a few more days image

    Can I just ask though when is the best time to test?? is it a couple of days before you AF is due or do they say the day of your AF??


  • That's a positive thought. You win either way then!!!
  • thanks gibbon, ur right either way i could win this month and no bfp means i can get thyroid problems sorted.

    K-lou- thanks honey. also your meant to wait till af is due but some tests say you can do 4 days early, if u know when u ov just count 14 days from then and test. xxxxx
  • Oh right thanks babe i thought so just checking. I never knew there was so much into all of this you know. i spent so long trying not to get PG and thought it was as easy ask doing the deed and then bobs your unlce LOL how young and silly was I!!

    K xxxxxxx
  • thats okay feel a bit of an old hag at it now!!

    I think we all thought the same, i already have one lo who was a little surprise so imagine my shock that i'm in month 7 ttc!!!
  • So you feel PG straight away with your first baby? That is a good thing though as it shows you can get PG.

    It's just mad how much there is too it, though when you think about the time now for a heathy couple to fall pg is a year.

    K xx
  • well we weren't trying with ellie i was at uni and we got a bit excited on valentines night then wham bam 9 months later ellie arrived!!

    I was lucky in december and got bfp 1st month of official ttc but mc after a car crash so at least i know i can fall pg!!

    I think this time thou i've got a few more things against me but if i only have one she's beautiful an so perfect i can live with it.
  • just cause ur pg with twins don't u be trying to get me with more missy!!! i'd just like one bean at the mo!!

    thanks thou SB really wanna move over now!!!
  • i'm not kicking you out honey we love you here!!! i didn't mean u move i meant i really wanna mover over now....please take me with you!!


    *SB is pg with twins, na, na, SB is pg with twins, na, na*
  • SB pg with twins....wana loan one out to me!!! I agree wiv lilac dont u go anywhere....we need ur pma girlie!!! And lilac as ive already said DONT let it get ur pma down, prob way to early yet so sit on thoses test til the wkend missy!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Im sorry to hear you got a bfn lilac, im sure its because you tested too soon, im keeping everything crossed for a bfp in a few days for you, good luck sweetie. xx
  • i know i've put them away more testing!!!
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