What is going on...!? No idea...!

Hi girls..!
I posted just before christmas about spotting. My cycle started 1st Dec and i started spotting a little before christmas. Basically just after weeing, sorry for TMI, just some on toilet paper but nothing on sanitary pad at all...

This has been going on, on and off all over christmas stopped for a day or two in between and nothing for last day or so. I sometimes spot before AF is due but never this long...!

My AF is due between 1st Jan and 6th i think, cycle varies between 28 to 34 days.

I know i shouldn't have but did a test yesterday, BFN. Maybe tested too early. I don't think i am having any sysmptoms but then again i always imagine the symptoms. Have been feeling tired, some cramps but no sickness or anything else.

I am trying to not get even slightly exited as AF is prob just around the corner. I just thought i was having my AF early with all the spotting but it hasbt been a lot at all.

Any ideas what is going on???
Anyone experienced this too??

I just can't believe that my AF arrived so early before christmas and that it was the spotting??

Ta girls...


  • It could be implantation spotting as it would fit in with your cycle and it's usually at least a week after spotting that a pg test will pick up the hormone to confirm your pregnant. Best thing you can do is wait it out hun and test again in a few days.

    Good luck xx
  • I just know i am going to get my Af and that my nody is playing games with me! Not fair!!

  • Spotting can be lots of reasons, are you weeing alot? You could have a water infrection or something along those lines? Stress has a major factor to but do another pregnacy test a week later xx
  • Well guess what arrived this morning, Af!! No luck this month then. Thanks for advic girls...xx
  • hi hun, i used to spot for up to 4days before af, then it stopped..xxxx

    so sorry she got you, hope next month is yours.xx
  • Do you always spot with implantation? trying not to ss but it is fun lol
  • Kaiti B, I had no spotting with my BFP, so I think it's a random occurence rather than a set occurence! x
  • Sorry to hear she arrived hun, but chin up and on to next month!!

    Kaiti B, I didn't spot with my first BFP so it definitely doesn't happen everyone xx
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