Anything off topic thread


Ttc stuff is driving me mad so lets chat about ANYTHING else. Lol

I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep, seeing a friend and ebaying more old things to get some savings for... (oops almost mentioned the forbidden topic!)

What are you all up to?

Much love, R xx


  • Well I'm trying to sort my 30th birthday today revising my guest list! And also looking into my holiday (which I have treated myself and OH to for birthday celebrations) to vegas......10 weeks and counting whoop whoop! xx
  • woooo! nicnol! vegas sounds fab! we wil go to new york in jan (if i dont get pg b4 november) oops! sorry lol. so kind of a consolation prize, so win win either way really. ooo going to rome tho in 5 weeks yay. and then disney paris on 21st-24th dec yay! and its friday! so im super happy coz i can lay in 2moro! ive been sooo tired lately!
  • Im trying to get my baby into the top 3 in a competition, its helping me to keep my mind off the 2 ww
    If you want to help me
    Please vote for Holly, go to and click "like" then
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    under the picture, thank you xxx
  • mrs *me*...I want to go to NY aswell. I've promised my Mum i'll go with her soon! Better get saving lol!! This will be my 2nd time to Vegas as me and my mate did a Thelma and Louise tour around California 2 years ago!
  • I'm prob. going to get shot down but I don't see the fascination with NYC. It's stinky, people are rude, crowded - just yuck! Boston and Chicago are soooo much nicer cities to visit. I was only in Boston for a day but I'm planning on dragging DH over sometime soon as we have friends who live an hour away... But that's just my opinion....

    Well my DH is finally home next Friday morning before the birds even wake up - his flight comes in at 5:45 a.m. but we'll be there with bells and whistles... Less than a week to go and that keeps me going now....

  • oooh i would love a holiday, a imagemonth on a nice hot beach with a hunky butler
  • Oh I am so jealous of these holidays!! They sounds fab.
    I love the NYC through the eyes of SATC. I think in the winter time it looks extra special.

    Sadly we are consolidating debt to get straight before (ah hem!) so no holidays this year. But we did have an awesome honeymoon to South Africa and Mauritius last year. We did safari in SA and then chilled by the sea in Mauritius..heaven!

    In fact I have just realised we would've been there this time last year! We flew on the 22nd July.

    Memories! AH!

    This evening I treated myself to a dermalogica facial though which was lovely and I'm all softened and relaxed now. Where's my glass of pinot?
  • Nicnol,
    I hope you enjoy your 30th borthday - its sounds like you will!

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