Does BBT charting confuse everyone?


I have been charting my bbt. Usually after ov it stays high until the day before af then it dips massively. I am on cd15 today (of a 25 day cycle) and 4 days past ov and my temp has dipped dramatically to the cover line, I took it again about 10 mins later and it was higher than it was yesterday by 0.2 degrees?

I have NEVER dipped at 4 dpo before so I'm thinking it was a freak reading and to go with the second one? DH thinks the first one is right though. I am confused.

Maybe I should stop bbt charting it's too confusing!

Any ideas what it can mean? How is everyone else's BBT charting going?

Babydust to everyone and hope you all get your bfps soon!


  • I would take your first will sort itself out over time.

    I have had completely different temps this time too...with a slight dip at 2/3DPO & a massive rise in temp yesterday 14DPO. Neither of which happened last time.

    It is confusing though I agree.

    Sorry I know I've been no help at all there image

  • It doesnt help you concieve as such, but it helps you understand that you have definately ovulated without having to use a CBFM...I think anyway!

    Thats why I do it anyway, but everyones different I guess!
  • Yeah, its only post ovulation, but using BBTs along with OPKs & watching your CM, it justs give you a better idea that you have definately ovulated as your temp rises 3 times after the egg is released. (Well supposedly anyway) image

    You could never use it on its own as you'd be too late.
  • Its my first month of charting and I have found it, quite frankly, a bloody nightmare!! My temps are all over the place as well, yesterday it told me I ov'ed on day 14 (am on CD24 now) and then today when I put in my info it is now saying I may not have ovulated!!! I have PCOS and wander if this is scewing it?? Who knows, but it is confusing the hell out of me!!:\?
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