Can anyone help please? I'm new to all this!

Hi girls image

Me and hubs have just started TTC but Im already getting so overwhelmed by it all. We already have DS but he was a bit of a surprise so we've never done the whole TTC thing. Anyway my cycles have always been all over the place, anything from 28 - 42 days. I'm currently on day 34 and just got a BFN. Im just waiting for AF to arrive so we can start trying properly.

Anyway the question is, because my cycles are all over the place would it be worth buying a clear blue ovulation kit? Are they easy to use? It all looks very confusing! And if I do would it give me a better idea of when AF is actually due or would I still be in the dark regarding the best time to take a pg test?

As you can probably tell Im a bit lost and would love any advice anyone could offer image


  • Hi hun, welcome to the section!

    A clear blue ov kit would definitely help but because you aren't regular it may mean going through quite alot of tests in 1 month so be prepared for the costs!
    A clear blue monitor would really help, although it's more or less the same thing it really helps take the pressure off having to test at certain times and also it "gets to know you" as it stores the data each cycle. Though it is expensive, they are around ??50 on ebay and the tests cost ??15 (they last 1-2 cycles depending on how many tests the monitor asks you for)
    Once you find out when you ov then it's only a matter of counting roughly 14 days later and that's when your AF should arrive so you know then when to test x

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  • hello! first off welcome!

    as ur cycles arnt very regular at the mo i would say that ov kits probably arnt the best way forward but i think the CBFM would be a better option as said by huni!
  • Aww thanks for your replies x

    So the CBFM (I'm determined to get to grips with the abbreviations! Ha!), does it work in a similar way to the ob kits then? At what point would I need to start using it? Im so clueless!

    My poor hubs thought it was just a case of lots of sex, he has no idea! image x
  • hehe men rarely do!

    Right the CBFM, I may ramble on here but bear with me image
    You can start using it any day from cd1 to cd5, to set it all you do is press the little M button. The only thing to remember is to set it at a time that you will be able to test at with FMU as it keeps that time all through your cycle.
    It will "ask" you for test (the wee test flashes on the screen) and all you do is pee on the stick, cover the bit you pee'd on and slot the other end into the machine and wait for it to read it (who said this wasn't glamourous eh??)
    When it's done you take the test back out and it will display your fertility status for the day, either low, high or peak.

    I've probably made it sound complicated but it's very easy and well worth the investment I think image xx
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