Zestica - advice needed!

Hi ladies,

I'm on CD9 so will start the BD actions from tonight for the next week or so! We have bought Zestica and it arrived yesterday.

Just wondering how best to apply it and where?! Dumb question I know but the leaflet just says apply to the genitals! WHOSE genitals do we apply it to????? Hahaha. Seriously, is it on his externally or in me, internally?? The bottle, being a spray suggests it's him...

How much do we use?? Gonna have a practice tonight so by the time it really counts we'll have it mastered!

Also, is Zestica as good as preseed? Read different things on both and ended up going for Z because I liked the name more! haha.



  • hi hun,

    Im g/c from preg after mc - this was my first month of using zestica and Ive ended up in the pregnancy forum - so it does work!!! yeah!!!!!

    we got the spray too and hubbie would squirt it on his "tool" - sometimes we would used two squirts. he then kind of spread it around his tool (good job he's not reading this he'd go mad at me for explaining! he he) and I would tell him to make sure a lot of the zestica was on the end - as I figered thats where the little swimmers come from so then the zestica can get to work straight away!!!

    hope that helps,

    good look hun

    x x x
  • ps I love the name Zestica too!!

    I'd say to hubbie - "come on let's get the ZEESSSSSTTTICAAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!

    x x x
  • Lol @ purplebubbles!! Thank god your hubs isn't reading this lol!

    Thank you for the 'practical' advice, I was wondering the same xxx
  • oooo tell me more about this zesticcccaaaaa and preseed. What are they and what they supposed to do?
    oh my i have so much to learn ha ha
  • Hi c&k preseed is a lube that replicates ewcm and helps the little swimmers on their merry way! Hth x
  • 2 squirt on him and a squirt on your vajayjay!

    Anymore makes it's way to slippery xx
  • thanks bettybaby! Are preseed and zestica the same thing then? one supposed to be better than the other? may go get me some! xxx
  • Prefere spray zestica as you can use it as the mood takes. The pressed and zestica application need to be put in b4 sexy time... Bit clinical x
  • thanks for the advice guys....
    and sorry to G/C the post emilyjh! hope you enjoy using it he he x
  • Just wanted to add that we haven't used preseed so can't comment . Also I got the zestica spray for ??9.99 from amazon and it lasted us just over a month (but it's the better tenner I've ever spent!) x

    Have fun ladies and lots of baby dust x x x
  • Wow thanks girls, what a response!

    Well we've tried it twice now and both times it seems to have just enhanced the experience for us both so I think I like it!

    Your words for things are hilarious!

    Using CBFM too and got my peak this morning although was low yesterday but think there'll be enough BD to cover it!

    Good luck everyone - will let you know how we get on!


    PS I also got it off amazon for 9.95!
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