Question - sorry a bit TMI!

I was just wondering what kind of CM is normal just before AF? I have strong period pains but also very creamy EWCM? Xxx


  • Thats what i have been having sweet and i have just got my faint BFP!!!! image
  • Well mine normally dries up before AF but before ive had a little still there but its been thick! Hope this helps. Good luck xxxx
  • So have I but Im only 4DPO so that makes no sense!!!!! Congrats MJ1986.

    When you due AF Becky_Lou? xx
  • This is what I'm hoping! Congrats on your BFP! Just worried about these period pains! Xxx
  • I have no idea when AF is due! I had a chemical pregnancy last month, not had a period since! Normally have a 26 day cycle, now on day 32 but doctor did say my cycle might be a bit out! Xxx
  • Congrats to you MJ.

    Becky_Lou, sounds positive as you hear of many pregnant ladies with CM, I'm usually dry before AF
  • Really hope you have a bean in there Becky-Lou!! I had creamy CM until the day before AF arrived though so I think everyone is different as it didn't get me my BFP : ( Good luck though hun!!.x.
  • Hi Becky-Lou - My chempreg totally threw my cycle this month too - made me 5days late in total.
    I think CM is different for every woman - I know the norm is to get ewcm before OV etc but it really can vary from woman to woman.
    I got ewcm/creamy cm before AF - so goes to show how different it is for everyone

    PP84 x
  • Hey,

    I agree with MrsPP - i get loads of CM before AF but hardly any during OV so i think everyone is different but hopefully it will be you getting your BFP.

    Babydust xxx
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