Can I count today as CD1?

Just going to apologize in advance for all the TMI this post is going to entail!

I've been spotting for the past couple of days (all brown blood) but I calculated today as being CD1 as there was a little fresh blood when I wiped this morning. Thought AF was well on her way and would get stronger as the day went on but nope, pretty much just brown blood all day. Used a pad but it stayed clean. Blood's turned a little bit pinky as the night's gone on but that's all.

Do I count this as CD1 or am I still "spotting"? It seems as though there's too much of it just to be spotting but not enough to be full blown AF and I've had very little fresh blood.

Still no AF cramps/mood swings/sore boobs etc etc. This is going to be an odd AF for me!


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